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"Some people dream of success.
We make it happen."
Our host of services are listed below. To process any engineering enquiries, fill in the enquiry form under the "Contact Us" section of this website.
Engine Rebuilds and Tuning


With expertise in the fields of sports and luxury vehicles, to performance and motorsport, Autosportif Engineering prides itself on the dense knowledge its employees have procured through many years in the industry. With a fully equipped engine and transmission workshop we can cater for all your propulsion requirements.

Transmission Engineering


Alongside propulsion systems, Autosportif Engineering also specialise in transmission and gearbox tuning. This can include modifications towards gearing, differentials and clutch/flywheel configuration. Our facilities can encorporate projects from a wide range of transmission requirements, fully housed within our engine and transmission workshop, including testing on a gearbox test rig.

Dynamometer Testing and Engine Mapping


One of Autosportif Engineering's greatest assets is the fully equipped engine dynamometer, fully fitted with a Prodrive TAG package to allow for engine testing and ECU mapping. As the equipment is state of the art it is in high demand , and therefore to hire the dynamometer for the day please fill out an enquiry form or get in contact with the services desk.

Race Day Preparation


Our specialties not only lie within powertrain and propulsion systems, as we also cater for fabrication and machining. With a highly competitive nature, highly sought after within the competitive industry, we are more than capable to meet your race day requirements. For more information, contact the information desk found under 'Contact Us'.

Data Aquisition and Analysis


With vehicular data playing a vital role within a competitive industry, Autosportif Engineering can provide a vast array of technical expertise from harnessing sensory inputs and constructing wiring looms, to analysing track data and fault finding.

Vehicle Restoration Projects


Restoration has been, and will remain, an important part of the company. We have many years of experience rebuilding and restoring some of the most iconic, contemporary and historic road, race and rally cars - whether it be from the ground up, or completing unfinished products - our enthusiastic team will be happy to talk to you about our resources and discuss your requirements. Our dedication striving towards perfection has even led our projects to walk the red carpet!

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